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Possible Ways to Find Malicious Code in WordPress:

  • Check all WordPress files and database with help of scanner tool and identify the changes that have been made close to the date when your ads were disapproved.
  • Check for changes such as Install, Update, Addition of any code/plugin/file/js/css etc being made by the developer or hosting company close to the date of disapproval of ads.
  • Check Google console to see if your website is blacklisted in google. Read more on Google blacklisting warning message
  • Use different plugins to find the code.
  • Try to remove any suspicious base64_decode, eval, referrer, decoded payload etc.
  • Get help from your hosting provider or avail services of a security provider having expertise in WordPress, to scan the website for you.
  • Analyze your website with our malware scanner. Because the presence of malware is the most common cause of ad suspension, this scan reveals any hidden malware.
  • Repair the infected files. Once you have analyzed your website, you will be able to identify the malware or viruses in your ads or on your website. We may also help you  remove malware from wordpress site and repairing files in delivering the ads online. Once all infections are removed, you must resubmit your ads. If the infections are completely removed, the approval must be automatic.