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Possible causes of Google Ads Disapproved Due To Malicious or unwanted software

  • Outgoing URLs on the landing page use http when the landing page is secured via https.
  • Images hosted on software not approved by Google Ads.
  • There are redirects to the domain or landing page URL.
  • WordPress plugins are considered malicious by Google.
  • Custom scripts added to the landing page refer to external content considered malicious by Google.
  • You’ve included automatic downloads on the landing page: In Google, “The download of the software should only begin when
    the user has consented to the download by clicking on a clearly labelled download button.”
  • You have included form fields that invite the visitor to submit sensitive information: In Google, “The software must not collect sensitive information such as bank details without proper encryption.”
  • False representation of expected content, for example:
    “An ad that contains only the words “Download” or “Play” without identifying the software for which it is advertising.
    A “Play” button that leads to a download.
  • An ad that mimics the appearance of the publisher’s website and claims to offer content (for example, a movie) but instead leads to independent software.
  • Website images can also contain malware or embedded code which can trigger RED FLAG in Google and get your ads disapproved.